Welcome to our Wedding Website!

In some ways this is your typical wedding website. This is where you will find information related to the wedding, such as:

But this is much more than an information site - it's the first step in creating our wedding. Our wedding is a collaboration between the amazing people we are so fortunate to have in our lives. As participants in our wedding community, we ask that you do the following:

1) Create an account and join this group!

2) upload your photo and answer the custom questions on your profile

3) fill out your profile however you'd like - tell everyone else a little bit about yourself

4) Connect at least one other person that you'll be partying with in July by viewing the member profiles. Click on "Send a Private Message" to send someone an email or "Give Kudos" to post a public message on his or her profile. Share something about yourself and learn something about them!

5) After you have made a connection, email us at miriamrstone@gmail.com or joshua.krafchin@gmail.com to tell us what you found out. At the wedding, we'll be giving out prizes for the funniest, most surprising, and most inspiring stories people have learned about each other. 

What else is there to do on the site if you've got some time to kill? Check out the photo gallery to get psyched for the trip, start a discussion to talk about how much you love us (our who you can carpool with), watch silly Cleveland videos, and check out the blog for updates on the wedding and the community!

Thanks for your participation, and see you in the Cleve!


Miriam and Josh

p.s. if you are getting too many emails from this site, change the settings in the Recent Activity Updates section in My Preferences. We suggest you change it to once every two weeks so you don't miss any important info.


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  • Joanne
  • Brigid
  • Jennifer
  • Dawn




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Miriam and Josh
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